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6 Unique Christmas Tea Gifts for Tea Lovers

What can be a special gift for a tea lover in your life this Christmas? Yes, it’s the finest collection of teas or the best of tea accessory. Make the drinking experience feel like an art form and not just a daily activity.

Here are a few creative tea gift ideas for you:

Royal English Tea Tower: This elegant gift box has an assortment of world’s finest teas- a delight to the most diligent of tea drinkers. It is combined with porcelain accoutrements and tea-themed treats.

Royal English Tea Tower

Assorted Handcrafted Teas: If your friend likes to try out different flavors, this is the finest gift of all times. It has a a unique combination of different flavours like Chinese tea, Darjeeling, fruit tea and more, all into one box.

Assorted Handcrafted Teas

Tea for Two: It is another cute set of kettle and two cups for an enjoyable and memorable drinking experience. Not just a cat-faced kettle, get even rabbit-faced or long-nose Pinocchio faced kettles.

Tea-for-two teacup and mugs

Brew Control Glass Teapot: It is a perfect gift for a tea enthusiast. It comes from an idea of a classical strainer and modernised to make a great tea accessory. One can use for both tea bags and tea leaves.

Brew Control Glass Teapot -you can see what the strength is

Cute Tea Spoons: No tea is complete without a teaspoon. Gift funky and colorful tea spoons so that the tea-lover friend always remember you while drinking his favourite beverage.

Cute Tea Spoons now who would not want these?

Colour Changing Kettle: This intelligent set of kettle keeps its user informed about the entire course of water boiling by changing the color to luminous red. Like, green tea requires less hot water (from 150 to 160 degree fahrenheit) to retain its qualities whereas white and black tea needs boiling water to unleash its qualities.

Breville-Colour-Change-Kettle- glows in the dark!!

These are a few fun-filled and cool gift ideas for all those Brits like us who have deep love affair with tea since ages. Pick any of these uniquely designed tea accessories with finest tea leaves to make your Christmas gift delightful.



Teas in the East

picking tea leaves is back breaking work

Now that we’ve got beyond the taboos of British tea pretension, we can humor some of the rest of the world. Crossing Europe, you find a very elegant tea culture. High ceiling cafes with marble tables and perhaps a man in a tux playing the piano. I have to say, it most certainly brings you back to the old days. You might feel bad not wearing a black tie and suit, but that’s all I can warn you of.

In Europe, however, you can find quite the eclectic tea selection. Such as herbal teas, some that people make themselves, or mixes of all sorts. I had the lucky chance to go work briefly with a mountain herbal tea farmer in the alps who planted, grew, picked and dried his own supply and would sell them at local markets. He would even dry fruits and add them to his tea combinations. All offering different tastes and properties, he definitely makes sure you know the properties and what you’re getting into. I’ve never again had such a pleasant backdrop while scavenging the mountainside for specific flowers and plants.

Moving beyond Europe, you reach Turkey and then the area of the fertile crescent which reaches into eastern Turkey, Iran and other countries in the Middle East. This region produces some stronger, black teas, but all with distinct and attractive tastes. FYI, it’s usually called Cay (chai) in whatever country or language you’re dealing with. It’s also served in small tulip glasses and served with sugar and a smaller saucer under the glass cup. It’s usually very simple and waiters from all directions seem to throw them at you, landing in perfect place, as they move on to the next willing candidate. Mind you, some folks sit and drink this tea all day long, whether in the spirit of conversation or playing games such as backgammon. I suggest you try it sometime!