Ways of Growing Green Tea Indoors


Do you love your morning, afternoon and evening cuppa? What is your preference, black, oolong, green or herbal tea? The increase in herbal tea drinkers has made a noticeable difference on the supermarket shelves, with a host of combinations and flavours competing for attention. We are constantly told that tea is good for you, having anti-cancer properties and numerous other health giving properties and of course tea tastes good. But have your ever fancied growing a tea plant? Not as far-fetched as you might think. Purchase a Camellia Sinensis var.Sinensis (China), if you want to try growing green tea indoors. This is one of two varieties of tea plant that provides the world with its tea, be it black tea, oolong or green. Camellia Sinensis var.Assamica (India) is the other. You can grow tea plant in a pot in a shady area or one without direct sunlight. In winter it needs protection or frost will kill the roots. Growing green tea indoors means you will have to prune the plant, unless you have space to allow it to grow into a bush or small tree, like a large conservatory. Prune to around 3 feet which is the height commercial tea growers use. The secret to green tea is to use the top leaves (2) and leaf bud of the spring growth.


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