Bumper Crops Expected for UK Tea Growers

UK tea grower

Tea has a reputation for being a comforting drink While drinking copious cups of tea is associated with the Brits, you don’t associate the UK as a tea-growing country. It comes as a surprise to many to discover that tea is in fact grown in the UK. UK tea growers are represented by the Tregothnan Estate in Cornwall, where the tea gardens were established in 1999. Today there are some 30 different clone plants and it was in 2005 that the first commercial crop was plucked. In fact 50kg of Britain’s pioneering ‘Single Estate’ tea went on sale at Fortnum & Mason. The cultivation methods used are organic and UK tea growers ensure a host of flavours for your tea – strong breakfast teas to herbal varieties. Because of the warm winter a Good yield this year for UK tea growers is expected. Their tea plant, Camellia sinensis, is expected to be the best yet. Tregothnan also sells baby tea bushes; they sell essential oils and herbs as well as other useful goods.


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