Milk Tea from Hong Kong

Creamy Hong Kong Milk Tea

Milk tea is a variety which is popular in Asia and particularly famous in Hong Kong. It is made from black tea and milk. It is an important part of Hong Kong Lunch. It has become a custom to offer milk tea to guests also.

To start with tea(Black tea 2 teaspoons generally) and water are boiled . Then it is left to simmer for  5 minutes. The boil intensifies the caffeine content of the mixture. Then the mixture is strained using sack cloth bag. The straining gives a rich brown color to the tea and it is the speciality of Hong Kong tea. The milk is added and stirred to give the creamy look. Generally milk is added at last but there are alternative methods also. Another way is to boil milk and water together and then add the tea. This gives tea a much creamier taste. However both the methods are acceptable ways of making Hong Kong milk tea. How do the Hong Kong people test the quality of the milk tea? Well it is the smoothness of the tea which means how creamy it feels. Another way to test is the froth formation at the top. White froth means there is butter fat in the tea. Hing Kongers love this variety. Another variety is the iced tea which has come along. However the making is not like the normal cold coffee. Ice is not added to the tea. Instead tea is prepared in the normal Hong Kong style and then cooled in an ice-bucket. This means the tea is not diluted. Different method of preparation isn’t it?


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