Health Benefits of Tea

Health Benefits of Tea

Tea is one of the oldest drinks and the variety it has will put  wine to shame. Drinking tea has some great health benefits attached to it. However you intake this ancient drink you will be benefited. Here are a few benefits of drinking tea.

  • Contains Anti-Oxidants – Tea contains anti-oxidants which will keep your body from ageing. No it will not keep you forever young but will slow the ageing process. Chinese and Japanese people drink the most tea and age very slowly.
  • Reduces risk of heart attack – Tea contains certain chemicals which smooths your arteries and keeps them supple. It also helps in breaking the cholesterol globules. Drinking two to three cups of tea daily reduces risk of heart attack up to seventy percent.
  • Protects your bones – The phytochemicals present in tea helps to increase the bone density resulting in stronger bones. The added milk also adds to the calcium required. However tea is best without adding any additives.
  • Protects teeth – It is not a joke. The dental problems arise due to sugar added to tea. If had without sugar tea actually keeps plaque at bay as it contains fluoride and tannin.
  • Improves immunity – Tea increases the platelet count and helps improve the effectiveness of immune system. It was found in a study that tea drinkers had less chances of catching cold than who were non drinkers.
  • Anti Carcinogenic – Tea contains polyphenols that are effective in fighting off the cancerous tissue. Drinking tea will help you protect against possible cancerous growth.
  • Calorie free and increases metabolism – For getting this benefit you need to drink tea without adding sugar or milk. It will increase your metabolism, improve digestion and is surprisingly calorie-free.

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