Interesting facts about tea

It is known that tea has huge health benefits and is one of the oldest drinks in the world. The chinese discovered tea and the British popularised it. There are many interesting facts about tea. Most of the people of the world drink tea in the morning to wake up.



  • Most consumed drink – If you leave out water, then tea is the most consumed drink of the world. It leaves popular drinks like coffee and alcoholic beverages far behind.
  • All varieties come from the same plant – All the varieties of tea originate from the same plant with scientific name Camellia Sinensis. Chinese specialize in production of green tea while the Sri Lankans are specialist of black tea production.
  • Taste of different varieties are due to processing – The different kinds of tea taste different due to their processing style. Black tea is the most oxidised and the green tea the least oxidised. White tea is the fermented version of tea.
  • Herbal tea is not tea – The herbal tea which you get in the market is not tea. It is called tisane and only has flavour like tea.
  • Tasters of tea are specialists – The tea tasters are specialists just like the wine tasters.The tasters look for specific flavours. Only people with sensitivity to flavour can have this amazing job.
  • Lesser the processing better it is for health – Least processed tea is the one which retains the benefits. The purest tea does not taste that good but is a tonic to the whole body.
  • Black tea is more popular than green tea – In spite of the health benefits of green tea black tea is more popular. It started as a preservation process which changed the flavour of green tea. The british colonisation is one of the reasons for tea becoming such a popular drink.

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